Already seen our free NBN eBook? Now you can download it to your hard drive to keep

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Already seen our free NBN eBook? Now you can download it to your hard drive to keep

Is your home office or business ready for the NBN? You can now get your own copy of our free NBN Toolkit to save and print for yourself.

Good news, because today we're announcing that our free NBN guide - the 32-page essential guide to setting up your network and choosing a plan and more - is free to download.

Make sure you're prepared, even if you can't get the NBN yet.  The guide covers:
  • Getting your home/office network ready
  • Hardware
  • How much to pay - prices compared.
  • How to get faster speeds if you don't have the NBN
  • A handy 4-page jargon buster and more
If you work at home, or in a small office, or you just want to make sure you're setup for the NBN, this guide aims to get you up to speed fast.
Already seen the NBN Toolkit? Now you can download it to keep for your own on your hard drive, or print it
Up till now you had to view it online. Now you can download the guide to your desktop:
  1. If you haven’t already signed up to view the NBN Toolkit, do so here. This also signs you up for BIT's email newsletter which delivers you all our free guides and tips via email.
  2. Once you've registered, click to view the eBook.
  3. Once the eBook has loaded in your browser, you can click this button to download it. These buttons are on the far left hand side of the page once you've loaded the eBook. It looks like this:
  4. After clicking the download button, then click "Windows" for the interactive digital magazine version. OR click "PDF" for a PDF version. This is what is looks like:
  5. If you found the NBN Toolkit at all useful, you can add your comment below.
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