Already happy with your phones? Internode now offering SIM-only business plans

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Already happy with your phones? Internode now offering SIM-only business plans

Internode has begun offering a range of SIM-only mobile plans aimed at the business market .

The Internode NodeMobile SIM-only business plans include various amounts of talk, text and data, but all provide a hefty 150GB allowance for using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay, Foursquare and MySpace on your phone.

Four plans are available, costing $14.95, $29, $49 and $69 per month.
What's included
Like so many providers, Internode doesn't describe what's included in terms of voice minutes or a number of texts, so comparisons aren't as easy as they could be.
Instead, potential customers have to go through the rigmarole of converting 'included value' to calls or SMSes.
What's on offer ranges from $225 of calls and texts (charged at 35c flagfall plus 90c per minute for calls within Australia and 25c per SMS) plus 200MB of data, through to unlimited Australian calls and texts, $100 towards international calls, and 5GB of data.
A feature that would be particularly attractive to businesses using multiple phones is that there's a separate NodeMobile to NodeMobile inclusion ranging from $135 on the $14.95 plan (enough for two two-minute calls each day) to 'unlimited' (subject to a 'fair go' clause) calls on the $69 plan.
There's no charge for calls diverted to voicemail, but retrieving messages is charged at the usual voice rate.
Your bill won't exceed $200 for calls and texts
If you do exceed the inclusions, your bill escalates at the standard rates up to a limit of $200 for calls and texts, and $200 for data. Once a threshold is reached you won't be able to make outgoing calls or use mobile data until the first of the following month. 
Internode officials say this "to avoid 'bill shock'" but a surcharge of up to $400 on a $14.95 plan could still come as a shock if you're foolish enough to ignore the warnings sent at 85% and 100% of the limits.
Still, that is better than the four or five-figure mobile bills that people have been known to rack up.
Keep in mind that the NodeMobile business plans are only available as an add-on to Internode's fixed location services.
NodeMobile runs on the Optus mobile network, and it is possible to port an existing number to a NodeMobile service.
Regular, micro and nanoSIMs are available, and there's a $10 setup fee plus $5 delivery charge for the SIM.
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