A free program for recording Skype calls

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A free program for recording Skype calls

If you need to record a Skype video call, here is a free program that will let you do it.


There's no doubt that Skype is an incredibly useful business tool. As well as a great way to make free calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world and cheap calls to regular telephones, it's also handy for video calls.
While the phone is great, sometimes there's no substitute for being able to see someone's face and body language.
So, what if there are times you want to retain an accurate record of a video conference? 
That might be in place of written meeting notes, where an online video training session was carried out or an important business meeting. Perhaps you have suppliers or manufacturers overseas and you rely on Skype for this.
If you need to record a Skype video call, a free app called Free Video Call Recorder for Skype 1.0, might just fit the bill.
It's a free application that requires Windows Vista or newer - it won’t work with Windows XP.
You can use it to record either side of a conversation or both parties. Video is saved in MP4 format so it can viewed on just about any device you can think of. 
Here are four reasons to record Skype video calls:
1. As a record of a contract negotiation 
2. So that you maintain accurate meeting records 
3. To help people that miss online training sessions to catch up 
4.  As a record of personal calls where a special moment is captured
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