9 postures that can cause you pain

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9 postures that can cause you pain

No surprise really - a study has revealed that plenty of people don't sit in the ergonomic way chairs are designed.

We once had a staff member in the BIT office who's usual sitting position was to lie so far back in the chair, that he was basically lying down, horizontal. Somehow, he could still manage to type.
No surprise really then, that  a chair company has produced some findings that plenty of people it in all sorts of weird positions that can result in back pain.
A global study conducted by Steelcase identified nine new postures - you can see them here. http://www.steelcase.com/en/products/category/seating/task/gesture/pages/overview.aspx
Steelcase is using the findings to market its new Gesture chair, which is designed for using phones and tablets, not just desktop computers.
For instance, "The back cradles the user no matter the posture or device" while the "Arms and shoulders remain supported when texting on a smartphone, typing on a keyboard or swiping a tablet."
If you can put up with a degree of marketing guff, this video shows how the Gesture adjusts to provide this support:
There is no doubt that a good chair can make a lot of difference. Exactly how much difference the Gesture makes remains to be seen, as it's not going on sale until early next year.
We don't know what the price is going to be, but we wonder whether it will be high enough to keep most workers' buttocks perched on more conventional furniture.
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