5 things to know about Optus’s new phone plans

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5 things to know about Optus’s new phone plans

If you’re shopping for a mobile plan, changes to Optus phone plans may be of interest.

If you're in the market for a new phone plan, you may be interested to learn Optus has revamped its personal phone plans.

The big change is the removal of lock-in-contracts – like Telstra, Optus’s personal plans are now on a month-to-month basis. But these aren't the only changes.

Here are five things to know about Optus’s new phone plans:

1. No lock-in contracts

As mentioned, Optus has followed Telstra’s lead and removed lock-in contracts from its personal plans. Optus’s phone plans are now month-to-month, whether you’re buying a plan and a phone from Optus, or a SIM-only plan to go with a phone you purchased elsewhere. 

Optus now offers four personal month-to-month plans:

  • $39 for 10GB
  • $49 for 60GB (compared to $60 for a 60GB SIM-only contract with Telstra)
  • $59 for 100GB
  • $79 for 120GB

2. Optus still charges excess data fees
You’ll still pay $10 per GB for excess data through Optus – unlike with Telstra, which announced in June this year that it wouldn’t charge customers buying its new consumer and small business mobile plans excess data fees.

3. You can now repay an Optus-purchased phone over 12, 24 or 36-months

Of course, you can buy a phone outright from Optus. Or, you can choose the above repayment plans. Optus is using these as an incentive to stick with its network – if you stay on one of their month-to-month plans for 36 months, your repayments will be interest-free.

4. Optus now offers customisable "Build Your Own" plans

These allow you to choose your monthly data quota, international call allowance and roaming data quota.

5. Optus will double your data quota if you buy a 5G handset with certain plans

This may be of interest if you’re in an Optus 5G coverage zone. You’ll need to stay on a 5G device repayment plan for the full term with an eligible Optus mobile plan.

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