5 questions to ask ecommerce agencies

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5 questions to ask ecommerce agencies

If you're picking an ecommerce agency, what questions can you ask to make sure you're getting the right help?

The calls for Australian small businesses to get online are louder than ever. BIT is kicking off a series of articles which will form a quick-start guide to ecommerce essentials, including the key tools you need and questions to ask. Make sure you begin by reading the first article in the series - "6 must-ask questions when creating your ecommerce site".

Today we look at ecommerce agenices: if you're picking one, what questions can you ask to make sure you're getting the right help?

We were curious - what questions do the agencies themselves recommend you ask? The following is by no means an exhaustive list - in fact if you represent an ecommece agency, or you've been a customer of one, we encourage you to get in touch with us if you have something to add to the list. Add your comment below, or email us at inbox at bit.com.au.

Here is what some ecommerce agencies recommend you ask:

1. What eCommerce platform would best suit our product mix, distribution systems and growth strategy for the next two years, and have you considered our growth strategy so that our customers have the best experience possible? - Jason Hawkins, Director, KND Digital

2. Will the solution you are developing integrate with my current systems I have in place eg. POS, CRM, accounting package, etc? – Tim Gentle, Managing Director, Design Express

3. Do you build meaningful long-term relationships with clients and are you committed to their success, eg, tell me about a e-commerce store you built a year ago, and how is the business doing now?" – Susan Cowan, Director / Strategist, WeaveWeb

4. What's the typical conversion rate of the sites you design, and how do you ensure maximum conversion of visitors to leads and/or sales? - Gal Baras, online marketing consultant, Get Business Online

5. How do you solve problems, and what examples do you have that are relevant to my business? – Dan Monheit, co-founder, Hardhat Digital

Thank you very much to each of the people above for their comments.


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