5 questions to ask a web hosting provider

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5 questions to ask a web hosting provider

If you're picking an ecommerce agency, what questions can you ask to make sure you're getting the right help?

The calls for Australian small businesses to get online are louder than ever. BIT has kicked off a series of articles which will form a quick-start guide to ecommerce essentials, including the key tools you need and questions to ask. Make sure you begin by reading the first article in the series - "6 must-ask questions when creating your ecommerce site".
Today we look at web hosting providers: what should you ask them to make sure they know what they're doing?
We asked some hosting providers to tell us what they recommend you ask. If you represent a web hosting provider or you've been a customer of one, we encourage you to get in touch with us if you have something to add to the list. Add your comment below, or email us at inbox at bit.com.au.
Here is what some web hosting providers recommend you ask:

1. Can you describe your support model, eg, do you offer 24 by 7 support, and is support staffed by your own staff or outsourced to a service desk? Rob Makin, Director and General Manager Sales and Marketing at Hostworks

2. How do I get my data out again when I want to leave, and will it be ready to use in whatever my new environment looks like? - Angus Dorney, Managing Director, Rackspace Australia

3. Do you have a back-up policy and practices, in case I need to access a back-up in emergencies? - Tony Smith, General Manager of Corporate Communications, Melbourne IT

4. Do you have with businesses with other clients in my industry, ad what services can you provide which will improve my business? - Samuel Yeats, Chief Executive Officer, Ultra Serve Internet

5. Is there a process of notifying the customer (the hosting companies customer) that there has been a breach and the extent of the breach? - George Kazangi, Managing Director, BlueCentral

UPDATE: We also received this suggestion:

How will you help to keep my site secure and what assistance can I expect from you should my site get hacked or come under a DDOS attack? - Bart Thomas, head of sales and marketing, Anchor.

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