5 questions to ask a web designer

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5 questions to ask a web designer

From CMS platforms to mobile versions of sites, here are some important questions to ask a web designer.

The calls for Australian small businesses to get online are louder than ever. BIT has kicked off a series of articles which will form a quick-start guide to ecommerce essentials, including the key tools you need and questions to ask. Make sure you begin by reading the first article in the series - "6 must-ask questions when creating your ecommerce site".
Today we look at web designers: what should you ask them to make sure they know what they're doing?
We asked some web design companies to tell us what they recommend you ask. If you represent a web designer or you've been a customer of one, we encourage you to get in touch with us if you have something to add to the list. Add your comment below, or email us at inbox at bit.com.au. Also, don't miss this article about why it's so important to take web design seriously. 
Here is what some web design companies recommend you ask:

Will my website respond and optimise the user experience for the various platforms it is viewed, and will you be designing a dedicated mobile version of my solution? Tim Gentle, Managing Director, Design Experts

Will I be able to update my website and do I need any special knowledge? - Emma Winch, Head Geek, Morris Bear Designs

How do you handle the design process, and how will we communicate throughout the project, and how do you handle design changes and scope creep? - Scott Roberts, Graphic & Web Designer, Orion Creative

What CMS platform do you use, and is it open-source rather than proprietary so that other web developers can’t assist with down the track? - Tamara Caire, Sales & Marketing Manager, DBG Technologies

Do you have sample works that you can show me, and can you demonstrate attention to detail in terms of eliminating simple spelling and grammatical mistakes, misalignments, broken links and pages that only display properly in certain browsers? - Sandy Lokas, Creative Director, Edenhall Studio


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