Protect confidential files with SafeErase Professional 11

Protect confidential files with SafeErase Professional 11

O&O Software has released the latest version of its secure file and history eraser for Windows.

SafeErase Professional 11’s interface has been revamped for ease of use, while the core engine is even faster at wiping every trace of your confidential files – and it can even suggest files that should be erased.

Browser improvements include support for even more Chrome extensions, and there’s now an option to delete Firefox bookmarks and history separately.

Enhanced support for deletions on solid state drives ensures the program won’t shorten your drive’s lifespan by overwriting everything several million times.

Existing features include a very helpful disk analysis. Unlike most of the competition, SafeErase Professional doesn’t just blindly wait for you to tell it what to wipe. Instead it scans your system to find deleted files with passwords or other sensitive data, before quickly despatching them forever.

Elsewhere, a very complete set of file wiping tools cover deleting your web history, specific files and folders, system files, free space, partitions, drives or your entire system.

There’s also real technical depth here, with no less than six deletion algorithms to choose from, and settings to make sure you’re deleting file slack space and NTFS MFT entries.

Technical tweaks include support for the latest edition of the .NET Framework, although that’s not a requirement: the package runs just fine on anything from Vista up.

SafeErase Professional 11 supports Windows Vista and later, and currently costs $44 or $73 for a three-PC licence.

A 30-day trial is also available for download, but keep in mind that it’s feature-limited, and you don’t get the include the “wipe free space” or “wipe entire computer” tools until you’ve bought a license.

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