4 heavy-duty covers that stop your phone getting smashed and scratched

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4 heavy-duty covers that stop your phone getting smashed and scratched

Perfect for when you're on the job, these heavy duty phone cases claim to protect your screen from smashing.

Premium smartphones bring a premium heartache if you drop and smash them - which happens all too often.

With this in mind, here are a few heavy-duty cases that claim to protect phones from being smashed:

Cygnett's latest smartphone case can protect a phone from a basketball-sized dunk - and they're willing to drop one to prove it.

Cygnett Workmate
The video below shows off the protective features of Aussie brand Cygnett's Workmate case, wrapped around a Samsung Galaxy S4. 

That's an interesting phone to test, given that this video shows it to be an all-too-easy phone to damage.

If you've got a phone other than an S4, there's no shortage of cases that offer this kind of protection:

The Griffin Survivor
Griffin absolutely brutalises an iPhone in this video (wrapped in one of their Survivor cases):

Otterbox Defender:
Or the Otterbox Defender, shown here being dropped from a roof. Note: the Otterbox web site appears to state their products are not available to shop outside the US. We have included the product here as an example of the type of products that exist.

Otterbox also sells a screen protector for people who don't want to put their phone in a case:

PADACS Fortress
The PADACS Fortress, shown in these two videos below.

Here is the Fortress appearing to protect an iPhone screen from someone stabbing it repeatedly with a nail and screwdriver:

Here it is protecting an iPhone from someone smashing it with a coffee cup and a hammer:

Do you protect your smartphone while out in the field, and if so in what way? Add your comment below.


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