Need to share files securely using your phone?

Need to share files securely using your phone?

Accelion's kiteworks Team Starter costs $5 per month per person and is designed to help teams work securely on mobile devices.

While many large companies have the resources to invest in complex collaboration systems, they are often out of reach for smaller businesses.

Accellion has launched kiteworks Team Starter. It's designed to help teams working productively and securely on mobile devices.

Rather than being a desktop program that's squashed to fit on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, it's been designed to work on mobile devices from the ground up with security a key element of the design.

The kiteworks Team Starter solution costs $5 per user per month for up to 15 employees. Each team can share and collaborate on file of up to 2GB in size and store up to 150GB worth of files online. There's a free 14 day trial available.

kiteworks Team Starter includes tools for creating, editing and annotating Microsoft Office documents on mobile devices. As well as supporting collaboration it facilitates assignment and management of file-based tasks. That means you can work on a project and then assign tasks to be completed offline so that everyone knows what they’re responsible for.

It comes with Accellion’s secure encryption and robust security capabilities so that data remains secure and private.

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