World Certification Week: How closing the skills gap will lead to a stronger workforce

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World Certification Week: How closing the skills gap will lead to a stronger workforce
Great things happen when we and our teams invest in education.
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There’s no doubt that a thriving workforce is a diverse one.

Education, whether academic or vocational, online or offline, has the power to change lives, drive business outcomes and amplify workplace culture. Australia currently faces a skills gap and there’s a critical need to improve digital skills to ensure economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and to avoid jeopardising a $10 billion growth in the technology, media and communications industries in the next four years. 

Given the importance of skills in narrowing employment gaps, the issue is even more important in our Indigenous communities. Indigenous Australians have long been disadvantaged when it comes to gaining an education in their homeland, however now with online learning comes increased accessibility to education for all. 

To reflect our commitment to education and narrowing the skills gap, HubSpot has joined forces with the GO Foundation to recognise World Certification Week. From the 2nd to 6th August, we’re encouraging everyone to dedicate time and invest in their careers by taking one of the many free online HubSpot Academy certifications and, in turn,  support the GO Foundation with its mission of empowering young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through education.

Online learning gets tick off approval 

In uncertain times, people crave information. Australians are hungrier for education now than they have been before, and they’re turning to the internet to find it. As the business environment changes, more workforces shift to remote-first, and more companies move online, upskilling via high-quality online programs will help people upskill, learn new skills and diversify their qualifications. 

Online learning can help equip customers, partners and the wider community with the skills they need to adapt to change, modernise their go-to-markets, stabilise and grow better. With learning resources coming in all shapes and sizes and being more accessible than ever, we all have a responsibility to ourselves, and our careers, to invest in our own learning. 

With online learning, participants have the option of taking a self-paced certification course, watching a 5 minute lesson during lunch breaks, or attending live classroom training. In our modern world, online learning is a resource that can be leveraged to fit learners’ style and schedule. 

Closing the skills shortage gap

The demand for digital skills is the driving force behind the skills gap. It’s predicted that by 2025, Australia will need 156,000 new technology workers, as 87% of jobs now require digital skills. The workforce must be upskilled to  keep pace with the evolution of our market, be equipped for the future of work, and education systems must be able to empower the workforce with the right skills to succeed in the new working environment. 

It’s for this reason that online education will boom as comprehensive certifications, singular topic courses and bite-sized lessons support individuals and businesses to grow. Validating this shift in how we think about learning and the move to online, Skill Finder has upskilled more than 5,000 people after launching amidst the pandemic. Equally, we’re seeing businesses like Canva, Xero and of course HubSpot introduce and offer free courses to free access to bite-sized learning.  At HubSpot, we’re firm believers that professional growth starts with an individual, and how they choose to learn and develop new skills to advance in their career and beyond. 

Empowerment through education

World Certification Week is designed to encourage professionals to dedicate an entire week to learning. In the rapidly changing professional world, dedicated time for continued education is critical for individuals to grow their careers and for organisations to grow their businesses. But, at the same time, we know access to education is not equitable around the world, or even within our own community. 

In a bid to encourage the workforce to grow their careers while transforming the world, HubSpot will donate to the GO Foundation for every certification awarded during World Certification Week in Australia and New Zealand. This donation will help the GO Foundation to further their work in empowering Indigenous youth through education by creating opportunities and pathways to  successfully transition from school and university.

A successful workplace is a diverse workplace. Education and upskilling have always been a priority for us at HubSpot. Learning and growth are embedded in our company culture and it’s something we encourage and support our team to do because we know how important it is for professional growth and it’s a journey we want our customers to join. Since its launch in 2012, the HubSpot Academy has certified over 350,000 learners and professionals across the globe.

Great things happen when we and our teams invest in education: employee power rises, performance accelerates, we become better equipped to serve and solve for our customers or clients, and in this case, we’ll be improving access to quality education for Indigenous youth.

Kat Warboys is Marketing Director APAC at HubSpot.

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