What is a powerbank and what can it do for you?

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What is a powerbank and what can it do for you?

Powerbanks are the new must-have of 2021.

Australians now more than ever are reliant on their mobile phones.  With many people across the country including those in lockdown, using their phones to surf, shop, bank, play games, socialise and check in to grocery stores, pharmacies and other venues using their COVID check-in apps, phone batteries are getting a serious workout. Essentially, people are living much of their life on their device.

While phone batteries are created for reasonable use, most are not built to withstand the pressures of our new COVID lifestyle. Many people would be lucky to get half a day’s use from their phone battery.

In 2021, everyone needs a powerbank.  It is the must-have piece of technology that everyone needs to have in their bag or back pocket.

With so many powerbanks on the market, how do you find the best one for your needs.  There are some key things to consider when purchasing a power bank. 

The following considerations are important:

What is a powerbank?

Powerbanks are essentially portable batteries that will charge your mobile device on the go. They are used to charge just about any type of portable battery media and communication item.  Most have  a USB interface, typically a USB-A and USB-C that allow your device to be charged virtually anywhere. The powerbank itself can be charged using a USB cable.

Why do you need one?

As we continue to move into the digital space powerbanks are increasingly becoming a commonplace item. Battery-powered equipment such as: bluetooth headsets, smartphones and portable game consoles can all be charged through a powerbank. Powerbanks provide an easy and convenient option to charge your device on the go.

What options are available and what should you be looking for?

Powerbanks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights which you should consider when shopping for a high-quality powerbank. Capacity is important and so is the speed at which the powerbank charges devices.

Some are fast-charging and offer 10,000 mAh capacity powered by Power Delivery fast charging technology. Ideally you need to pick a powerbank that will recharge your smart device up to at least two times before requiring charging itself.

The higher the capacity, the more power the powerbank can deliver before it requires charging. Pick a powerbank that shows a clear indication of the currently available power it has. Ideally, look for a powerbank with an LED display of the percentage of power remaining. Cheaper models might not even display a number and are less accurate.

The size and weight of the powerbank typically increases with MAh capacity. Aim for a powerbank that is powerful yet pocket-sized. You don’t want to carry a brick around with you. It is important to consider the shape and style of the powerbank especially if you are going to be carrying it around and using it in front of others.  It is worth looking for a quality powerbank with a clean and compact design.

Why is it worth spending extra on a powerbank?

Not all powerbanks are created equal, especially when it comes to cost. The price of powerbanks can vary significantly depending on their quality.

Although powerbanks can be purchased for less then $30, these cheaper models tend to provide less charge and longevity. It is worth spending more for the long-lasting and fast-charging capacities of devices.

Cheaper powerbanks can also be safety hazards, with some manufacturers using poor quality materials in their powerbanks that can cause them to combust.  We’ve all heard and seen the horror stories on YouTube of phones and powerbanks catching fire on airplanes.

High-quality, safe products that include overcharge and short circuit protection ensure your devices are safely and quickly charged. Products are manufactured with aluminium alloy casing delivering a sleek and luxurious design, compared to cheaper brands that have a far less durable plastic casing.

Jason Low works for zapzapbox.com

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