Video: Should your small business be in the cloud?

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Video: Should your small business be in the cloud?

It's one of the hottest issues in computing right now, but what actually is the cloud and can it help your small business?

If there's one tech trend generating a lot of hype, it's cloud computing. From video on demand, to storing music and photos online, the cloud is changing the way we use our computers.

But what if you're running a small business, with say, less than 10 people? What can the cloud do for you?
In this first of a four part video series, brought to you in association with Microsoft, we're going to attempt to give you the straight talk on the cloud. We'll be looking past the vague marketing terms and meaningless buzzwords, and explaining in plain English what the cloud is, and why it might be useful, in terms of saving you money, giving you peace of mind, and giving you the ability to do things you couldn't do before.
But first let's start at the beginning. In this video we step back and give you a quick, no-nonsense guide to the cloud. If you're still getting your head around the whole concept, this is where you should start.

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