Video: How the cloud can protect your small business data

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Video: How the cloud can protect your small business data

It's one of the hottest issues in computing right now. In this video we show you how the cloud could give you some peace of mind by saving your small business from a server nightmare

If you're a small business with a server, if it's sitting under your desk, or shoved into a corner of the office, it's not exactly the safest way to store your data.

Cloud computing promises to free you from the dread of a sever meltdown by moving your server to the Internet, where your data is held on servers maintained by a provider. The promise is that it's safer, possibly cheaper, and faster to get back up and running if something goes wrong.

In this third of a four part video series brought to you in association with Microsoft, we're going to attempt to give you a basic overview of some of these issues and why cloud computing might help you.

If you're still getting your head around the whole concept, and don't want to be put off by technical jargon and white papers, this is where you should start.

And don't forget our first video, a quick no-nonsense introduction to the cloud, and our second video, how the cloud might make you money.


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