Top 10 applets to help automate your business

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Top 10 applets to help automate your business
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Add photos directly to Trello

If you manage team projects with Trello, this applet allows you to add photos directly to Trello, making it easy to share captured whiteboards and documents with your colleagues.

You'll need to give it access to your Trello account, then select the board you want to add the photos to. By default, it adds them to a list called “DO Camera”, but we've created a dedicated list called “Photos”. To choose which list to send your images to, click the cog at the top of the IFTTT card and enter it into the List Name box. You can also decide whether to tag other board users, specify where the photo should appear in the list, and add useful metadata such as where the image was shot.

Now to get our photos into IFTTT. The easiest solution is to use a phone widget: open the IFTTT app on your phone and tap your new applet, followed by Widget settings. Tap the Add button to add a dedicated button for this workflow to the main screen. You can call it whatever you like, but we have chosen “Trello photo”.

Now, when we want to post an image to Trello, rather than using the regular camera app, we can simply tap the new widget on the phone homescreen and snap away. The photo will be automatically uploaded as soon as we close the widget. You can do the same thing with Slack using this applet.

Post a reminder to Slack before a calendar event starts

Connect IFTTT to both Google Calendar and your Slack account, and this applet can post a reminder to Slack before a calendar event starts, automatically reminding all participants – including yourself – of upcoming meetings without any manual intervention.

Now nobody has an excuse not to be there on time. By default, reminders are sent 15 minutes before the event start time.

Add a task to Todoist whenever you star an email

If you use Gmail, this applet adds a task to Todoist whenever you star an email. It’s an easy way to triage email and make a note of messages that need actioning later. Once you grant IFTTT access to both your Google and Todoist accounts, starring a message in your inbox will automatically add a note to your Inbox list on Todoist.

If you want to use a different list, create it in Todoist first, then select it from the drop-down on the IFTTT card. You can also set a default priority between one (urgent) and four (it can wait) – but you can't set these individually, so whichever level you choose will apply to all messages you star.

Send a hands-free voice note on Slack

Running late? Let the whole team know without taking your hands off the steering wheel. This applet allows you to send a hands-free voice note on Slack via Google Assistant.

Of course, it can be turned to more uses than just informing your colleagues not to expect you. You could use it to quickly assign tasks, or add thoughts to a remote brainstorming session when they occur. Simply say “Okay Google” and tell the applet what to do.

Sync new files added to Dropbox to your Google Drive

Many of us have to share assets across multiple services. This applet makes it easy to sync new files added to Dropbox to your Google Drive, automatically syncing the contents of one into the other.

It’s particularly useful if you’ve created a public Dropbox folder to accept incoming files, or your camera automatically syncs to Dropbox over Wi-Fi, as everything is immediately shared with users of both platforms.

Sync Gmail emails with receipts, orders and invoices to Google Spreadsheets

This applet is a great way to simplify your accounts by automatically syncing Gmail emails with receipts, orders and invoices to Google Spreadsheets.

Simply set up a dedicated Gmail address and ask all staff to email their expenses, receipts, orders and invoices to it before they become due. IFTTT will automatically add each one to a Google Spreadsheet, complete with a link to the first attachment.

This way your staff can easily submit documentation whenever it suits them, and no-one has to waste time trawling through dozens of emails looking for paperwork.

Track your work hours in Google Calendar

This applet can help track your work hours in Google Calendar and, similarly, can also help your staff keep track of the hours they spend in the office, on client sites and elsewhere – essential information if your business bills by the hour.

Once the applet is enabled, the IFTTT smartphone app will detect where they are and automatically create an entry on Google Calendar recording their location for that period, for easy billing at the end of the week, month or project.

Schedule daily or weekly recurring Trello cards

Certain jobs keep cropping up, and it’s often helpful to track them on Trello so they don't get missed. That means someone's got to keep posting the same card over and over – unless you use this applet to schedule daily or weekly recurring Trello cards.

Set up as many jobs as you like, and leave IFTTT to add them to your Trello lists at the appropriate times.

Send live updates from Twitter to Slack

This applet can save time by sending live updates from Twitter to Slack. It allows you to automatically forward one person’s tweets directly to a Slack channel – very handy if someone’s attending a live event.

It allows everyone to stay updated without having to wade through a busy timeline or keep refreshing the Twitter app.

Add hashed tweets to a Google Spreadsheet

Many businesses use Twitter to track what's being said about their company. Save yourself the chore of manually searching for relevant hashtags with this applet, which adds hashed tweets to a Google Spreadsheet.

It automatically searches for tweets containing a specified hashtag and adds up to 15 posts to the Google spreadsheet of your choice.

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