The power of cloud in unlocking flexibility for businesses

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The power of cloud in unlocking flexibility for businesses
Cloud enables businesses to be truly flexible by providing long-term work solutions that support and enable employees.
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Adapt and pivot, were the buzzwords of 2020. In 2021 flexibility is the key focus.

This extends to the way we work, employee schedules and customer experiences. Remote work has been a significant part of business and continues to be with 41 per cent of Australians working from home at least once a week in February 2021, an increase of 17 per cent on the year prior. Nearly half of Australians surveyed (47 per cent) expect the amount they work from home to remain the same over the next six months.

The ability to maintain the success of remote working relies heavily on the technology implemented by businesses. The right technology simplifies the remote work puzzle, making it easier to monitor employees when they aren’t in the office and maintain a high level of service to customers regardless of where employees are operating from.

The recent pandemic has established that businesses need to be able to shift at a moment’s notice, with minimal disruption. This is where a cloud-based platform can make a difference as it can support a flexible working environment by providing exactly what a business needs, when they need it, where they need it. Those that hadn’t yet moved to the cloud quickly realised its value when the pandemic hit, as they struggled to make a rapid transition to remote working.  

With digital transformation timelines vastly accelerated, it’s vital that IT leaders take the time to investigate the needs of their organisation and think through potential solutions where deployment speed is measured in days or hours. A long-term digitalisation strategy needs to be either developed or reviewed by organisations, enabling them to understand the direction of the business and weigh in whether its operations will be completely remote or hybrid.

Invest in a solution that will keep pace

Cloud advancements have bridged the divide between employees in the office and employees at home, with both having access to the same tools and insights. Enabling employees to access critical information from wherever they are located is important to improving the working experience for employees, unlocking true flexibility in the workplace and ultimately, the long-term success of the hybrid working model.

Cloud infrastructure is also easily scalable to accommodate business needs as they change back to a new normal. While traditional solutions aren’t typically designed to meet these requirements, Cloud solutions can provide the exact functionality to staff returning to the office as to those that are still working remotely with both speed and ease. Further, Cloud can be integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) powered applications allowing businesses to automate simple tasks, and free up employees to focus on more complex tasks.

The right cloud solutions will allow businesses to succeed in the digital first world, paving the way for companies to realise the benefits with any deployment requirement, tailor their infrastructure, and management models to fit their business, be it via public cloud and hybrid cloud. They key benefit of cloud is that it supports organisations where and when they need it allowing them to be in complete control of their systems.

Increase your digital service offering with evolving consumer needs

Part of the pressure placed on organisations to accelerate their digitalisation plans came from the increasing demand from consumers. Whether it was online shopping or seeking help online or via the telephone, since consumers were avoiding face-to-face contact, they demanded faster access to information, addressing queries or resolutions through digital channels of their choice. Thus, businesses were forced to quickly adapt their service offerings to deliver contactless services. Those businesses that had invested in a high-quality solution offering flexibility were able to swiftly deploy new digital channels as demand grew, providing them a significant advantage in the market.

The trend of consumer demand for contactless service is predicted to continue even as life shifts to a ‘new normal’.

Delivering true flexibility is key to long-term success

Cloud enables businesses to be truly flexible by providing long-term work solutions that support and enable employees, regardless of where they’re located, with information so they can better understand, predict and react to the changing customer needs and deliver positive customer experiences.

This is a huge leap forward for the future of business with changes expected to continue in the way we work. As businesses think through their plans for post-pandemic recovery and keep up with the changing times, they need to have a solution that allows them to continuously adapt by ensuring operational flexibility and scalability.

Cloud-enabled innovations are a critical component in ensuring that your business is able to weather sudden and inevitable changes while standing out in the competitive marketplace for long-term success.

Mark Buckley, Vice President of Australia and New Zealand, Genesys.

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