The legal-tech revolution lies in the cloud

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The legal-tech revolution lies in the cloud
Australia’s legal industry must take the necessary steps to accelerate the adoption of cloud technology.
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Particularly amid a global pandemic, it has become more vital than ever for organisations to automate their processes while protecting their most-important asset – data.

Given that “digital transformation” has become somewhat of a buzzword over recent years, one would think that all industries by now would have made the great migration to online collaboration tools and cloud technologies in order to keep up with the times.

Yet, one industry has turned a blind eye and lagged in its uptake of digital capabilities – legal services. As a tidal wave of change surges throughout the legal industry, we are left to question, how long until the wave crashes and digital transformation is welcomed?

The legal-tech revolution awaits

Cloud serves as the backbone to any data-driven, application-based technology ecosystem, and is vital in allowing organisations to better manage change, information and regulatory issues, both direct to industries and to wider society.

For the legal industry in particular, a report from the Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession (flip) Commission of Inquiry found that clients are seeking greater value for legal services. This, alongside increased competition amongst lawyers and the greater awareness of the capabilities technology offers, is fuelling significant change for the industry.

With clients increasingly demanding that law firms do more with less, the introduction of technologies such as the cloud is critical.

Fortunately, operating via the cloud also brings a wealth of capabilities that allow firms to streamline their processes through automation, while ensuring client information remains protected on a global scale. Addressing the number one concern that plagues the industry – confidentiality. Legal Tech Helper is an Australian tech startup helping the legal industry and its clients tackle these challenges head on, reinforced by a vision to transform the way legal services are delivered.

Through bespoke web applications, Legal Tech Helper helps professionals and individuals navigate the plethora of legal information on hand, through features such as guided interviews, automated documents and readability indexing. It deploys the appropriate cloud infrastructure to allow for agility and cost control, all the while maintaining a secure environment.

Despite innovative solutions coming to market, a number of hurdles still stand in the way of the legal industry in accelerating cloud adoption.

Managing the barriers to enhanced information value

Legal information is often text-heavy, highly legalistic and fragmented across various models. Not to mention the sensitivity and confidentiality of client information held within those binders, servers or computer desktop folders.

The barriers limiting the legal industry’s ability to effectively manage this information and accelerate the adoption of cloud comes down to a number of factors.

First, finding the right cloud partner or skilled IT talent to facilitate a bespoke architecture can often be difficult and restrict value from your cloud investment. On top of this, many organisations fail to look beyond the significant investment required when partnering with a cloud provider and don’t recognise the long-term benefits in boosting efficiency.

Secondly, for organisations within the legal industry, managing data sovereignty is of utmost importance. Take Legal Tech Helper, for instance, it is critical to ensure its use of cloud technology remains secure and compliant with regulatory obligations such as GDPR. It allows them to maintain best-in-class data sovereignty, while enabling global scale and avoiding the consequences of noncompliance.

Thirdly, and most importantly, resistance to change and digital transformation is a formidable force in the legal industry globally. Overcoming this resistance and welcoming a partner to facilitate this transformation by providing seamless and accessible services can be a secret weapon.

Here, the solution lies in leveraging a cloud-based service like OVHcloud, that delivers accessibility, reliability, flexibility and scalability to enhance efficiency when managing data and information

Connecting the dots through collaboration

As we continually see new and innovative solutions introduced via startups, adopting a collaborative approach to cloud technology adoption is key.

For Legal Tech Helper, partnering with a global cloud provider was critical. By selecting a cloud partner that aligns with the brand’s core values of freedom and data privacy when collating legal information, it has greatly enhanced its solution capacities and expanded its growth as a business.

Together with the capabilities of a managed Kubernetes service, the startup is able to leverage a public cloud infrastructure that allows flexibility and scalability in building its web applications.

Not only does this guarantee access to a secure and reliable platform to host client data, but as they build their cloud infrastructure it also helps in connecting with a global partner network. The significance of this is, as the business begins by hosting their data in Australia, it also provides the opportunity and resources to scale in overseas markets in the years to come.

For any organisation contemplating cloud adoption, a global cloud provider can connect the dots from your organisation to investors, technology partners and other enablers needed, maximising the value of data and information compliant with global regulatory standards.

Australia’s legal industry must take the necessary steps to accelerate the adoption of cloud technology in order to keep pace with client and industry demand for faster, more-efficient, technology-driven results.

While COVID-19 accelerated rapid technology uptake across industries, an evolutionary movement that embraces advanced cloud capabilities will be the best approach in delivering seamless legal services in the new normal.

Yian Ling Tan is Startup Program Leader, Asia-Pacific, OVHcloud.

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