The best ways to assess a potential process automation software vendor

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The best ways to assess a potential process automation software vendor
When a decision is made to undertake a process automation project, one of the most important steps is the selection of a suitable platform.
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It's increasingly clear that automation and digital process are now key areas of competitive advantage.

Consequently, many organsations are looking for digital transformation opportunities to invest in, to advance their business.

In fact, those that take the time to understand the concept quickly realise it has the potential to deliver significant benefits. Core processes can be streamlined and automated, boosting productivity and benefitting the business bottom line.

When a decision is made to undertake a process automation project, one of the most important steps is the selection of a suitable platform. Unfortunately, this process can be made challenging because of the often misleading information in the marketplace.

Thankfully, being aware of some of the false claims that vendors may make can help businesses to make a more informed decision. Six of the most widespread false claims being made are:

  1. We have the only automation platform that you will need:
    Process automation projects come in myriad different shapes and sizes. For this reason, it is very misleading to state that one platform is able to meet the needs of all. Take time to carefully evaluate the platform and its capabilities to ensure that it will actually meet the specific needs of your organisation.
  2. RPA is the answer for every automation need:
    Robotic process automation (RPA) is a powerful tool that can deliver compelling results to an organisation. However, it tends to be just one component of a much broader automated solution. Don’t think that RPA alone will deliver all the benefits that process automation has to offer.
  3. Our technology can solve all your process challenges:
    While technology is certainly vital when automating processes, it’s still only one part of the puzzle. Deployed platforms also require good support, resources, infrastructure, and comprehensive staff training to ensure long-term success.
  4. Automation projects always take months
    No two automation projects are the same, and some will be able to be completed much faster than others. It’s best to be cautious if a vendor quotes a timeline that appears far too long, or far too short. Ensure that they take the time necessary to fully understand your organisation’s goals and are able to clearly explain how their platform will help you to reach them.
  5. AI is the answer to everything:
    Artificial intelligence technology has unfortunately suffered from an extended period of vendor hype. Some have pitched it as the answer to every problem and a technology that, alone, will deliver exceptional benefits. Reality is somewhat different. While AI does have much to offer, the biggest benefits will be found when it is used in conjunction with other technologies. It’s also not the best solution in absolutely every situation.
  6. Our technology is so good we don’t need to understand your processes:
    If a technology vendor spends more time talking about their technology than listening to your needs, it could result in an unsuccessful engagement. Work with a vendor that is prepared to carefully scope out and understand your particular requirements. If one is not prepared to do this, move on to the next.

By being aware of these misleading statements, it will be possible to select a process automation software vendor that can add true value to your organisation. They are likely to be one that has invested significant funds into R&D and has experience runs on the board that show they understand real-world challenges.

Undertaking a rigorous assessment process will ensure final vendor selection will lead to a successful deployment and long-term, meaningful business benefits to your teams and your customers.

Christian Lucarelli is VP Sales Asia Pacific, Nintex.

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