Tableau vs Microsoft Power BI: which business intelligence tool?

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Tableau vs Microsoft Power BI: which business intelligence tool?
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Want quick and easy access to key business data, trends and forecasts? We compare two of the better BI tools.

Data has become the new currency for businesses both large and small. When you look at the most valuable companies in the world, most of them trade not in physical goods, but in information..

Even the smallest business can take advantage of the data they gather and generate, but while most people start off by using simple spreadsheets, having the proper tools can help you get a lot more from it.

Business intelligence (BI) software is a toolset that can access data from across your business and visualise it, giving you the ability to quickly see key business numbers and trends. For some, that just means creating concise, visually attractive charts and graphics to represent key business information, but for more advanced users, BI tools can offer advanced data analytics capabilities, allowing them to dig deep into their data to identify patterns and forecasts.

We’ve explained the basics of BI software elsewhere, but for those ready to take the plunge, we’ve compared two of the main players in the BI software market: Tableau and Microsoft’s Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI

There are certainly plenty of other options for a wide variety of business needs, ranging from Zoho Reports (designed for small and mid-sized businesses) to SAP Analytics Cloud (popular with larger companies that use SAP software) and specialist BI providers such as Qlik.

Because of this variety, we strongly recommend trialling a number of BI solutions to find the most suitable for your needs – and as well as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, other options that could be worth investigating include:

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