Preparing for the NBN: Common DIY wiring mistakes

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Preparing for the NBN: Common DIY wiring mistakes

If you are thinking of doing a bit of DIY cabling to prepare your home or office for the NBN, take a look at these photos.

Our free NBN Toolkit has the basics for getting NBN-ready, including your office network. We've also published some more photos below that might help you.

One of the important things you should do before getting the NBN is checking that the network where you work is up to scratch. Can all the computers in each room connect? How?

If you're reading our free NBN Toolkit, you'll know that a wireless router might be good enough to spread an NBN connection through your building. But network cable will give you the fastest speeds.

What you mightn't realise is you are not allowed to install data cabling yourself if it connects to the telecoms network. This is because things can go wrong if you install the network cable incorrectly. A licensed professional is supposed to handle this.

Cick the photo gallery to understand why. The photos are the ones we published earlier in the year in our sister publication, PC & Tech Authority. They show common home wiring mistakes pointed out to us by cabling professionals. The advice is also applicable to anyone with a home office, so we are posting them again here for you to view.

To understand your NBN options, our free NBN Toolkit has more.

There is also a fact sheet here for anyone wanting to have phone, data or alarm cabling installed.


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