Pivot or Perish: Developing a Winning Strategy in the Digital-first World

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Pivot or Perish: Developing a Winning Strategy in the Digital-first World
The data secured from these technologies enables a deeper understanding of personas.
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In Gartner’s 2020 CIO survey, 54% of CIOs in Australia and New Zealand revealed an upswing in funding for digital innovation following the pandemic and mandatory isolation.

The survey also predicted 2021 would witness the further acceleration of digitalisation.

We saw digitalisation not only grow in 2021, but also enhance and innovate in ways we had never imagined. Generations of individuals who swore by using traditional mediums for transactions began endorsing the time-saving and convenient benefits of digitisation across their day-to-day engagements. After experiencing transformation that would normally take a decade in a period of 18 months, resilient businesses are embracing the realities of digitisation, as it has become the norm. 

Today, it has been established: technology is no longer a choice; it’s essential and must be interwoven into every function of a business to survive. So, what are the nuts and bolts of marketing success in the digitally transformed post-pandemic world?

Substituting paper-heavy processes with digital-first integrated workflows

Successful brand campaigns are the by-product of a crystal-clear understanding of the key-influence moments in the consumer’s brand journey. Armed with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning driven omnichannel personalisation, digitisation can establish a deep connection with users and drive brand growth. This is driven on the back of strong, in-depth, and continued consumer segmentation.

Consumers are naturally more inclined towards brands that provide them with a tailor-made one-on-one experience Global footwear brand, Crocs recently saw a 42 X increase in ROI following its engagement with Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement and Personalization Suite.

The data secured from these technologies enables a deeper understanding of diverse consumer personas, which grants brands the essential insights and intelligence required to increase the relevance of communication and its effectiveness.

Improving the consumer journey with contextual nudges

Often overloaded with information, consumers will only engage with brands where they see value with minimum effort. To make them stay, creating a non-intrusive guide customised to their unique lifestyle based on past choices has proven to be an effective method of retaining consumers. This is what is called, Contextual Nudges. Contextual Nudges essentially operate like a tour guide who escorts tourists in the right direction, so they don't get lost during their journey. Brands, therefore, benefit in terms of user engagement, retention, and feature adoption.

The ability to stay agile will define the future

While agility has always been an essential ingredient for survival, following the pandemic, with the volatile market environment and ever-evolving consumer behavior, staying on one’s toes is vital to thrive. Brands need to have a constant finger on the pulse of consumers and rapidly adjust their offerings to remain relevant. Even in times of setbacks, agile companies are the ones that recover the fastest.

Creating a secure, burden free customer experience

While technology interdependence is being celebrated, the need for cyber-resilience cannot be overseen. Brands are working towards creating layers that ensure a safer environment for digital engagement. However, consumers often find the additional processes involved towards their cyber-safety time-consuming and tedious; with 40% of consumers feeling safeguarding their information “inconvenient” according to a recent report by CERT NZ. In addition to educating their consumers about the importance of cyber-safety methods used, consumers need to see brands they engage with treat their privacy needs as a top priority. 

Looking ahead, digital transformation is expected to lead consumer behavior not just in Australia and New Zealand but globally, and the bar is high in making the consumer experience more innovative and unique. The brands that can reinvent and adapt to these changes constantly, will ultimately be the ones thriving in the post-pandemic world.

Chantal Capablanca is Country Manager - Australia & New Zealand at Netcore Cloud.

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