MSI offering massive EOY discounts for all kinds of laptops

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MSI offering massive EOY discounts for all kinds of laptops
MSI is heavily discounting a huge range of amazing laptops.

Discounts up to $1,400!

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In recent years, MSI has become known for making excellent laptops that suit all occasions. There are svelte ultraportables; brutish gaming breadbaskets; quiet, designer-oriented powerhouses; highly affordable budget devices; high-performance business notebooks and hugely desirable executive models – plus every combination in between – meaning that, no matter who you are, there’s a model you’ll be drawn to. On top of this, there are multiple versions of each variant so you can further optimise a base model to suit your budget and performance needs. The best news, however, is that MSI now has a sale on, which includes most of these options, and there’s up to $1,400 off! Buy one now for $1,400 off by clicking here.

MSI GS66 Stealth

MSI GS66 Stealth
MSI GS66 Stealth

Up first is the highly desirable, ultraportable powerhouse that is the GS66 Stealth. This ultraportable, 15.6-inch laptop is less than 2cm thick and weighs just 2.1KG. Its smooth and classy styling is understated to fit into the stuffiest, executive boardroom and yet, adjust a few settings and it transforms into a gaming monster which makes use of Nvidia‘s top-end RTX 2080 Super graphics, dual NVMe hard drives, up to 64GB RAM and a 10th Generation Core i9 CPU. Screen options include 4K and 300Hz refresh rate variants! If you’re worried about the power draw of such high-end components be assured that the whopping 99.9Wh battery will keep you going all day. Don’t worry about heat flow either as the Cooler Boost Trinity+ technology, with three bespoke fans and seven heat pipes, will keep everything running stably without overheating. Connectivity is top-drawer too and includes Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.2 Gen2, Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6. Whether you’re a gamer, office worker, designer or road warrior, you’ll want one of these. Buy one now for $1,400 off by clicking here.

MSI GL75 and GL65 Leopard

MSI GL75 Leopard
MSI GL75 Leopard

If you want your laptop to make a bit more of a statement, are on a tighter budget and are less fussed about ultraportability, the GL75 (17.3-inch) and GL65 (15.6-inch) Leopard range is worth checking out. Featuring a statement chassis with dragon-spine fins on the lid and a glowing, RGB keyboard, this machine has the potential to simultaneously turn heads at a LAN or provide constant, reassuring satisfaction when working and gaming by yourself. It too features 10th Generation Intel processors along with Nvidia graphics that stretch from the RTX 2070 Super to the GTX 1070 – which makes it perfect for playing competitive games. A thin-bezel, 144Hz screen keeps everything running silky smooth. There’s a full complement of the latest connectivity ports and yet, despite their size, both models are under 3cm thick and weigh well under 3KG. Buy one now from just $2,499 by clicking here.

MSI GE66 and GE75 Raider

MSI GE75 Raider
MSI GE75 Raider

MSI’s Raider Range practically defined the all-rounder laptop market. It offers portability, power and style in one enormously desirable package. There are many specification similarities with the Stealth range but in a marginally larger chassis which allows for a larger, 17.3-inch screen option plus additional performance afforded by pushing the thermal envelope of the larger chassis. The stylish, more-statement-like design will appeal to designer types and artists.

MSI GE66 Dragonshield
MSI GE66 Dragonshield

One such designer, who’s a confessed Raider fan, is Colie Wertz – a concept designer who worked on Star Wars and Avenger movies (among other sci-fi classics). He also created the Death Star trench in Rogue One! He’s teamed up with MSI to create a bespoke version of the GE66 replete with unique styling, signed merch plus a custom-designed Dragonshield model spaceship. They’re in limited supply, so click here to secure your limited edition package now.

MSI GS75 Stealth
MSI GS75 Stealth

Finally, there’s the 17.3-inch black and gold marvel that’s the GS75 Stealth. This ‘has-it-all' laptop sports a matte-black chassis with gold trim to achieve an understated bling that will impress all who gaze upon it. Every spec is catered for with screen options including 300Hz and ultra HD variants, Nvidia graphics stretching up to the RTX 2080 Super GPU plus 10th Generation Core i9 Intel processors. This all fits into a chassis that is just 2cm thick and weighs only 2.4KG. There’s a price point to suit all budgets with plenty of options to choose between. Get yours now by clicking here.

Whether you want a multimedia optimised, 17-inch monster, an uncompromising, powerful ultraportable, a budget-friendly powerhouse or a laptop that simply, does-it-all, MSI has you covered. With huge discounts available, a price range stretching from under $2,500 up to $5,799 (reduced from $6,999) novices, enthusiasts, professionals and executives have plenty of options to pick from. Get yours now by clicking here.

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