How to create your own 'personal cloud'

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How to create your own 'personal cloud'
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Step-by-step: Setting up user access

1. As shown above, we've used the DS Cloud app for iOS as an example for accessing the NAS, but the app is also available for Android, and the Cloud Station Drive client is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. After installing the DS Cloud app, open it and type in the device name (if it's not already there), the QuickConnect ID created in step 1 above, and the user's account name and password as set up on the NAS at step 4. Click the Link button.

2. The ‘home’ folder in DS Cloud corresponds to a folder called CloudStation within the user's folder on the NAS. To keep that folder synchronised, tap the tickbox to the left of the folder icon and tap Next. Set up the remaining options as appropriate, such as sync subfolders and two-way sync.

3. Now files added or changed on the NAS will be synchronised to the device, and other files on the device can be shared from the relevant apps to DS Cloud and hence automatically synced to the NAS.

4. Now you should be able to access the files remotely. DS Cloud can display various file types, including Word and PDF.

Take note of security

Note that this is just a basic guide to the capabilities of Cloud Station. We strongly recommend studying the device's documentation, especially security-related issues.

Several other Synology apps are available for other purposes, including DS File for manually transferring files between the NAS and a device, DS Photo for managing photos between the device and the NAS, and DS Audio and DS Video for streaming content to the device plus related functions.

Other NAS vendors provide similar capabilities, such the WD My Cloud app for accessing WD My Cloud or My Passport Wireless products, and a variety of apps from Qnap.

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