How optimising your contact centre will help your business make the most of Australia’s recovery

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How optimising your contact centre will help your business make the most of Australia’s recovery
Deloitte Access Economics has predicted this year will see the return of around 300,000 people to the labour force.
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Having a modern, scalable contact centre platform in place will allow you to connect with customers and capitalise on emerging opportunities in Australia’s post-pandemic economy.

Survived 2020 with your business and sanity intact and feeling cautiously chipper about what lies ahead in the next 18 months?

You’ve reasonable grounds for optimism. After an annus horribilis on steroids, there are signs Australia has weathered the worst of the pandemic and our battered and bruised local economy is now on the up.

Tradies and construction contractors are already trucking, thanks to big budget infrastructure spending and the federal government’s $2 billion HomeBuilder subsidy scheme, while the ICT sector continues to ride the digitisation and remote working wave. Meanwhile, the country’s hard hit travel, accommodation, hospitality and entertainment sectors are set to receive a shot in the arm, courtesy of the federal government’s new half price plane tickets scheme to get people spending in tourism dependent regions.

Deloitte Access Economics has predicted this year will see the return of around 300,000 people to the labour force, with a further 400,000 jobs to be added by the close of 2022. That translates to an expected unemployment rate of less than 6 per cent, two years hence.

Laying the groundwork for growth

It’s an opportune time to get your house in order, so your enterprise is well positioned to capitalise on any uptick in activity and spending that may be coming your way. The COVID crisis hammered home the fact that the contact centre is the beating heart of every organisation that interacts with the public. Whether we’re experiencing the best or the worst of times, ensuring yours is healthy and robust should be an imperative.

At MaxContact, we’re seeing a rush of enquiries, from businesses looking to ensure they have the capability and capacity to connect with customers effectively and manage an increase in traffic, both inbound and outbound.

Some of those organisations have muddled through the last few years with legacy, on-premises contact centre solutions, only to realise their limitations during the COVID crisis when shutdown restrictions made business as usual impossible and business continuity an extraordinary challenge.

A year on, their leaders are determined not to be caught out again. Consequently, they’re looking to trade up to a robust, cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere that has a reasonable internet connection. Having that infrastructure in place means they can adopt a remote working model at short notice and access a broader pool of talent, if an increase in activity makes it necessary to expand the team.

They’re also seeking a solution that’s highly scalable, so new agents can be onboarded swiftly and smoothly, without the need for an expensive and disruptive software upgrade.

Firing on all channels

Other businesses are looking to launch additional channels, such as SMS messaging and web chat, to make it easy for customers to get in touch, however and whenever suits them best.

Not offering ample options has become a genuine commercial risk, given the surge in ecommerce activity and the rush of digitisation the pandemic has triggered.

Already enthusiastic online shoppers, Australians amped up their activity exponentially last year, when national and state government lockdowns made it impossible to do business in person. So much so that the NAB Online Retail Sales Index: January 2021 recorded year on year growth of 45.6 per cent.

While the economy may have reopened substantially, consumers are unlikely to revert to their old ways. They’ve become accustomed to the safety and convenience of transacting with organisations digitally and businesses that don’t enable them to do so may find themselves given a wide berth.

In the past, going omni-channel may have meant cobbling together a series of modules from multiple vendors but today’s cloud platforms allow organisations to add and integrate new channels with ease.

Looking to a brighter future

As Australia emerges from the COVID crisis, it’s time for businesses to shift their focus from survival to recovery. Having a robust, scalable contact centre platform in place to support growth will see your enterprise well placed to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Daniel Harding, Director – Australia Operations, MaxContact

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