Home office: simple tuck-away desks

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Home office: simple tuck-away desks

Time to get the home office ship shape - here are a variety of simple tuck-away desks we like the look of.

While our mission here at BIT is to help you understand technology so you can do your job and grow your business, one thing we haven't touched on a lot is your work environment.

Given that a lots of small business people in Australia work at home, having a home office area you are happy about is important too.
Which is why we thought we'd share a link to this desk from the modern furniture and accessories site CB2 (the photos above and directly below are from the CB2 site) - it struck us as just the sort of thing that might work well if you don't want to devote a whole room to your computer, or even look like you have an office at home.
What we like about this desk, is it looks like you could put it along a side wall in a modern living room, and use it as a side-table for a vase or photo frame.
When you need to work, stick a chair in front of it and it can double as a computer table.
Inside is a compartment that's not so obvious, where you can store a bit of work material like papers and books and importantly, your laptop.
We're mentioning this more as an idea, than a suggestion that you buy this table - because it's actually from the site CB2, an offshoot of the US brand Crate and Barrel.
The CB2 site does actually have a popup telling Australian visitors that they do ship products to Australia, though to find out exactly how expensive it would be to do this, you need to fill in a form to get a quote.
Out of interest, we've done this, and we'll add an update once we hear back. The table itself is listed at AU$625.20. [UPDATE: the quote we received for shipping and handling was US$149.70 via freight with "curbside delivery"].
Tuck-away desks on Australian sites
At the cheaper end of the market Freedom has a similar type of desk for $299 in a simple white with small pullout drawers.
Freedom also has this white desk on wheels which at the time of writing was listed on their web site for $179.
Going upmarket, this Herman Miller desk looks classy enough to fit into a stylish modern home. It's not exactly something you can hide, but the walnut and white laminate make it look elegant enough to us that it could do double duty as a side table.
If you really want to save space, you could go for a "laptop table" - literally, a little table that's only meant for a laptop. IKEA has this one for $159 - you could feasibly sit this in a corner, and it could double as a table for your keys, or a vase. We only wish it came in white or brown.
Finally, one of the cheapest minimalist white tables we could find is this one for $108.87 at Officeworks. It appears to have a pull out drawer (though we wish the description on the Officeworks site was a bit more…descriptive).
Meanwhile, here are some other ideas if you want a little office nook without it being obvious [most of these desks below are listed on web sites catering to people in the US, but we've shown them here to give you an idea of what's possible]:
Shelf desks
CB2 has this shelf-desk, literally a wall shelf with one shelf bigger than the other so you can use it as a desk.
Here's another type of shelf desk - this one's essentially a large shelf mounted on a wall.
Roller desks
A bit like the roller desk from Freedom above, this $189.70 desk is harder to hide, but it's on wheels and the bright white metal styling means it could double as a funky side table.


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