Four things you mightn't know you can do with a Nexus 7

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Four things you mightn't know you can do with a Nexus 7

From video conference meetings to using your tablets as a point-of-sale terminal at the markets, here are four handy uses for your Nexus 7.

Google's Nexus 7 is a very useful tablet computer. It can replace your address book and diary, handle your email, replace your single-purpose eBook reader, allow you to watch movies and listen to music on those business trips..

But can be more than that. Here are other things you can use your Nexus 7 for in your work day.
1 - Mobile Conferencing
Even though there's just one camera on the Nexus 7, it's placed front and centre, perfectly positioned for use in mobile video conferencing.
Three of the main options here are Skype, and WebEx. All are widely used and have native Android clients that are free and very easy to use. allows you to attend online meetings so that you can view someone’s screen and collaborate in real time. You can’t set up a meeting from the Android client but it's easy to attend one.
All you need to do is start the application and then enter the nine-digit code provided by the conference leader. You need to be connected to the Internet by either 3G or Wi-Fi.
The chat feature, allowing instant messages to be sent between conference participants works well although, when we have the screen in landscape mode, the chat feature flipped everything back to portrait. Otherwise, it worked well and is the perfect price - free.
Cisco WebEx is another online meeting service that you can use with a Nexus 7. It also support screen sharing and chat as well as the ability to work with an on-screen, virtual whiteboard. 
Once you create an account with WebEx - you start with an initial 14 day trial and there are differently priced options depending on the number of connections you use - you can create online meetings and attend them from the Nexus 7.
Finally, there's Skype. It is still very much the easiest solution when it comes to making voice and video calls to colleagues and friends.
2 - Product Catalog
It's not always easy to show off your work to prospective clients. If you're a landscape gardener, painter or hairdresser your portfolio of work isn’t going to be easy to bring along. If you use photo albums then keeping them up to date can be a drag as you need to print photos, arrange them and remove old shots.
Your Nexus 7 is a mobile catalog that can be updated regularly.
The easiest way to do this is to use your preferred application for assembling text and images.  Word, PowerPoint or any other application you're familiar with will do fine. Arrange the images as you like, add some text around them and make sure that they showcase your work.
Then, create a PDF of the catalog you created. If you don’t have a PDF creator on your computer, you can download and install CutePDF Writer. This is a free PDF creation tool. 
Send the catalog to your Nexus 7 either by connecting the device to your computer and copying the file over or by using a cloud service like Dropbox or SkyDrive.
3 - Mobile Business Centre
If you sell products at markets, door to door or while travelling, the ability to complete the transaction wherever you are can be immensely valuable. 
Applications like Vend and RetailPoint let you use your Nexus 7 as a mobile point of sale terminal. Although it can’t print receipts, you can complete a sale and email the receipt to your customer, assuming you have access to an Internet connection.
In addition, the major online accounting systems such as Xero, Saasu and others work through any web browser. So, if you're traveling there's no need to lug a laptop with you. Take a Nexus 7 and you've got your most important business applications - giving you the ability to make sales and manage your finances - with you wherever you are. 
4 - Printing
It was a fact of the early days of tablet computing that printing support was very limited. That's no longer true. You can now print from your Nexus 7 although you'll need to install an app.
As an example, we've been using HP's ePrint Home&Office in our office. Our Nexus 7 is able to print to the LaserJet M1536dnf multi-function without us needing to do anything special. We can easily set paper size, number of copies and use the printer's duplexing function.
Pretty much every printer maker out there now has an Android app for printing. If you pair your Nexus 7 with a keyboard, have a stand that keeps it in a comfortable position and an program for operning Microsoft Office documents in Android that you can do many of the tasks that you'd normally use a laptop for.


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