Five power tips for working with PDFs

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Five power tips for working with PDFs

Here are five things you might not know about Nitro Pro, the popular alternative to Acrobat.

One of the problems with software is that it's easy to get stuck in a rut – you use the features you know, but others that could save you time or effort can remain undiscovered until someone points them out to you.

Nitro's vice president of product Jeff Kreutz offers these five tips for being more productive with Nitro Pro – the company's well-regarded alternative to Adobe Acrobat for working with PDF documents.

1. Edit scanned documents

Since Nitro Pro uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to transform scanned or photographed documents into searchable, editable PDFs, you can easily edit, annotate, highlight and cross-out text right in the document. Being able to use your computer's or cloud storage service's native search function to locate a document is a significant time-saver. And if you ever had to retype information from a PDF into your own document, you'll know how irritating that can be.

2. eSign and stamp documents

Ever printed a PDF just so you can add your signature or to run a black texta over confidential material before rescanning it? Nitro Pro includes facilities to request and apply secure e-signatures, apply simulated stamps - such as Draft, Reviewed, and Approved - to simplify workflow, and to redact text, images and illustrations to keep sensitive information secure.

3. Compare documents

Finding any differences between two versions of a document can be a tedious and error-prone task. Nitro Pro can compare two PDFs, examining text, images and annotations, saving you the trouble. When comparing image-based or scanned documents, Nitro Pro analyses images on a pixel level and displays the visual differences between the two documents.

4. Summarise comments

Nitro Pro’s Summarise Comments feature displays content and comments side by side for a summarised view that’s easy to organise and digest, eliminating guesswork and improving editing speed during the review process. After reviewing, users can print a summarised view with side-by-side page content and comments.

5. Recognise fillable forms

Another common reason for printing and rescanning PDFs is to fill in forms. Nitro Pro tells users they have opened fillable forms, optionally highlight form fields so they can be competed on-screen. The software also allows the creation of fillable PDF forms from scratch, saving time and paper, and avoiding the issues of keying errors and unreadable writing.

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