Community Stars 24-7 : Office workers encouraged to become local volunteers

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Community Stars 24-7 : Office workers encouraged to become local volunteers
We all share in the passion of our volunteering team mates.
Technocrat staff volunteering for NSW Volunteer Rescue Association

An Australian digital agency encourages all staff to become volunteers in their local community and provides flexible workplace arrangements to support them

Technocrat is a community-focused workplace. No, I’m not referring to an open-source, software-type community that contributes code to each other, rather I’m referring to the community in which we live.

For example, several Technocrats in the Brunswick/Byron Bay area are on the same unit of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association. They are a dedicated bunch who double as developers by day and volunteer first responders and SES crews in regional and rural areas when they are required. It's a responsibility not taken lightly, with extensive training required to manage critical incidents, whether it be major car accidents, vertical rescue or medical rescue.  

We try to support those who volunteer as an integral part of the community, through flexible, independent and trust-based working arrangements, our VRA members are free to balance their Technocrat work with their volunteer emergency work. In addition, we watch for signs of burnout from the high stress loads that come with work of this nature.

Technocrat is more than a group of people sharing their talents to provide digital solutions. Our culture lives on openness, support, independence and trust. We all share in the passion of our volunteering team mates. We have found a community-centric workplace allows the team to feel a sense of belonging: that they’re part of something larger than themselves, which gives meaning to their work and their lives as a whole. It’s not rocket science to know that if your team is happy and feel fulfilled at work, it translates directly into their quality of work. And by providing support to any activity where employees can come together to achieve a common goal, can’t help to nurture a more collaborative workplace.

2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but like anything in life if you look hard enough, a silver lining shines through. As we move through 2021 with even more challenges, the past year allowed us all to press pause and really consider what’s important, both in business and in our personal lives. One message that has been key, is that a sense of community is what’s needed to get us all through. So an enormous thank you to those who dedicate their time to helping people who need it, and those who support them.

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