EoY Special: Get SharpSpring marketing automation for 83% discount

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EoY Special: Get SharpSpring marketing automation for 83% discount
First 10 get SharpSpring for $500. It's $1000 thereafter.
CRN Australia

Includes a fully-functional CRM.

NextMedia is the publisher of ITNews, CRN and Business IT. After performing extensive research we have just installed our new CRM and marketing automation platform, SharpSpring. Our special, 'Agency' licence provides us with 10 additional licences to sell and we are offering them for just $500 per month. If you're not among the first ten to sign up, we can still provide you with a licence for just $1,000 - each would normally cost $2,950 per month! Whether you want your first CRM or want to upgrade to a cutting edge one, SharpSpring makes a great all-round choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many many many factors to consider when choosing a CRM - many of them affect price. Here's a breakdown of our research...

SharpSpring vs HubSpot vs Sales Force vs Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is arguably the most powerful CRM and Marketing Automation system, but unless you're an Enterprise (who can afford extensive training to use it), forget it. Sales Force is the definitive system but not the most friendly to use and requires you to navigate an enormously complicated pricing structure. Once you've bought into these two... you ain't getting out! Hubspot is a very popular alternative, but gets expensive quickly as you start ramping up services. SharpSpring offers similar functionality for much less - especially with this deal! If it doesn't work out for you, you can easily export your data and leave.

What are the core features of SharpSpring?

The core SharpSpring application is split between Sales and Marketing. For Sales, all customers/contacts/leads can be tracked with all correspondence between your sales team being automatically added to their entries. You will also see which pages on your site they've visited and which forms they've filled in. You can even record phone calls made with them. For every action you can assign a Lead Score: if they visit your pricing page or download a sales kit, those points will flash alerts to your sales team without them having to do anything. All sales opportunities can be tracked through a sales funnel (initial contact > proposal sent > contract sent etc) and the performance of all sales team members can be monitored. Automatically generated reports can be made for every and all stages.

Marketing allows you to send out News Letters and eDms. You can create landing pages and forms. You can track campaign performance across paid search, social media, email etc. You can also connect it to existing, third-party providers like Mailchimp and SurveyMonkey.

How does onboarding work?

A virtual classroom with microlearning videos walks you through all aspects of setup. On top of this SharpSpring provides an onboarding specialist for 60-days and you've access to tech support. There are also many official and community help documents which also walk you through various issues.

How does pricing work?

SharpSpring, as with most CRMs, is heavily dependent on the number of active, monthly contacts (i.e. clients and people who sign up for eDms – NOT casual visitors to the website).

Our model below is based upon 100,000 active contacts.

NextMedia SharpSpring pricing plan

$500 per month, including 100,000 contacts
Onboarding fee $3,360
= $9,360 for year 1
= $6,000 per year thereafter

Regular SharpSpring pricing plan

$1,830 per month (billed annually – it can also be billed monthly but at a premium mark-up of 40%), including 20,000 contacts
Additional contacts cost $14 per 1000 contacts ($1,120 per month for 80,000 additional contacts)
Onboarding fee $3,360
= $25,320 for year 1 with 20,000 contacts
= $21,960 per year thereafter with 20,000 contacts

or rather

= $38,760 for year 1, with 100,000 contacts
= $35,400 per year thereafter with 100,000 contacts

That's c.$30,000 discount per year! Get in (very) quick!

Where can I find out more?

Check out SharpSpring's own site for a full rundown of features.

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