Christmas social media tactics to stand out this holiday season

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Christmas social media tactics to stand out this holiday season
Engaging your followers directly using your products and services should be the focus of your social media marketing throughout Christmas.
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Heading toward the Christmas season is quite a daunting experience for struggling small businesses.

Christmas is fast approaching and honestly, social media may be the least of your worries.

However, the silly season is the prime time for easy social media content to really boost your organic presence. Neglecting your social accounts over this period is the last thing you should do, regardless of how busy you are.

In fact, this is the time you want your brand to be most active, especially if you’re selling a product or service that could be a gift!

Adopting these five simple ideas across Facebook, Instagram and your other socials will help your business switch up content to utilise your most important asset… your customers.

1. Take part in a 12 Days of Christmas campaign, or run another offer

A 12 Days of Christmas campaign is the perfect way to pre-schedule in content and tap into the sentiment of the season. The campaign can be as extravagant or laidback as you want, with either your business supplying all of the promotions or even partnering with other local businesses for some cross-promotion.

Once you’ve decided on your prizes, discounts or giveaways, create a template you can easily swap out your photos, graphics and text as you need, as well as the day of the competition. With platforms like Canva now readily at hand, businesses can easily become their own designers for basic graphics, such as these.

Before publishing your promotion, ensure you include some basic terms and conditions of the competition to cover you legally and to abide by the platform’s promotional guidelines.

2. Boost your reach with a themed campaign

Ideally, if you were to run a lead generation campaign on Facebook for the holiday season, you’d want to do so at least three months out from the occasion. However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time to start a brand awareness campaign or even boost a post if you want an instant hit of eyes on a competition.

With state-by-state restrictions putting a dampener on many Christmas plans, more people will be online and on social media this silly season than ever before. This is ideal for putting your brand in front of a wide range of people to utilise the audience analytics for your new year campaigns.

Remember, if you want an instant hit with little long-term gain, boosting is ok from time to time, like for a quick competition (12 Days of Christmas, perhaps?). However, for long-term benefits to your business, you want to be investing into social media marketing and running a proper campaign.

3. Switch up your artwork

Just like your physical store, it’s important to dress up and decorate your social media and website. Even if it’s turning your logo into holiday colours, sneaking a little Santa into your profile picture or festive baubles on your cover photo, it shows that your company is getting in the spirit and encourages customers to get on board with the festive season.

It’s also a good idea to add some festivities into your posts – use Christmas colouring for the month of December, or hone in on the emotions of the season by sharing thoughtful and kind content. User generated-content is ideal for this as it helps you connect with your audience on a more raw and natural level.

4. Engage your followers with some merry questions

The more engagement on your posts, the more the platforms will push your content out to the masses. An easy way to engage your followers this holiday season is to break your typical posting schedule by adding some festive-themed ‘this or that’ stories.

Everyone loves sharing their opinion, so utilise the poll or questions features on your Instagram stories to tap into this. While sticking to your industry is beneficial, so is simply knowing about your audience and asking what they prefer.

Take a look at your analytics and see if you have a clear demographic in gender, age or location. Then, use this to build your questions. Even if you’re in the construction industry, you could do ‘which tapware do you prefer?’ If you’re a plumber with a mainly Australian audience, you could ask the age old question of butter in the fridge or pantry. The list goes on.

While Facebook and Instagram will be your go-to for this type of post, don’t forget about the poll feature on Twitter and LinkedIn too!

5. Online live shopping events

Customers are walking marathons through their city CBD browsing for presents, getting tired and frustrated when they can’t find the perfect gift. Why not bring the shopping experience to their screens?

Pinterest have introduced their ‘Pinterest TV’ where live, original and shoppable videos are available for consumers who want to shop what they see online. You can also take your IG or Facebook followers through a guided tour of your best Christmas products and services using their live features, answering questions or giving live suggestions to the audience.

Engaging your followers directly using your products and services should be the focus of your social media marketing throughout Christmas. Competitors will be trying to market their ‘festivities’ on top of you – so you need to think simple, clever and, well, festive to survive the silly season.

Sarah Russo is Head of Content Marketing at Localsearch.

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