Best fitness trackers reviewed: which is right for you?

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Best fitness trackers reviewed: which is right for you?
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Fitbit Alta

At the more basic end of things is the Fitbit Alta, one of the newest in the Fitbit range, and evidence of the company’s move towards customisation and style.

On paper, it’s not too far removed from the Fitbit Flex, the best-selling member of the Fitbit line, but it has one huge advantage: a screen. This displays your core tracking data, so you can check in on your stats away from the app, and it even extends to basic smartwatch features, displaying text messages and caller ID should you wish.

There’s no heart-rate monitor, but the Alta does all the basics well, it looks great and, listed at $199.95 (less if you shop around), it’s very good value.

Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray is on the basic end of fitness trackers: it'll keep track of your steps and your sleep, but it has a number of big advantages. Firstly, it's attractively priced. Secondly, you don't have to remember to charge it – it takes 393 button cell batteries that last for six months. Thirdly, if you're on Windows Phone, you won't be left behind as Misfit has an app for you. Fourthly, it's water resistant to 50 metres, meaning you can shower and swim with it.

It's also a stylish specimen, which completes the package nicely. If you're a casual fitness fan that wants to track your steps and never worry about taking it off, the Misfit Ray is an easy recommendation. 

Best of all the Misfit Ray is listed from just $112 – you pay more if you want to a custom band or colour.

Use your smartphone as a tracker with these apps

Of course, you should also note that you don't necessarily need a dedicated fitness tracker either. If you want to track steps, and you carry your phone around with you everywhere you could download the Moves app, which will count steps using your handset. It may not be as accurate, but it should give you an idea of whether you've walked more from one day to the next, which is probably all you need.

Samsung phones increasingly come with Samsung Health built in, which will do the same thing whether you like it or not.

And if you don't care about steps, but want to track runs, then you're even more spoiled for choice. There are basic apps for run tracking like Runkeeper, Endomondo and Under Armour Record, or Strava for the competitive – where every street in the country becomes a race against other owners.

If you want something to motivate you to get outside, Zombies, Run will give you something to run away from. 

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