Aussie startup offers 'a matchmaking platform for brands'

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Aussie startup offers 'a matchmaking platform for brands'

Need help with an event or promotion? Collabosaurus is a Tinder-style app for collaborative marketing.

The idea behind Collabosaurus is to bring together compatible businesses so they can stretch their marketing budgets by collaborating on particular projects, according to founder Jessica Ruhfus.

The idea first came to Ruhfus while she was working in public relations for the fashion industry, as she noticed that some of her smaller clients couldn't afford the catering, goodie bags and other frills associated with fashion events.

When she moved into PR for small businesses, she noticed that when her clients approached other businesses with a view to collaboration they were often ignored.

So she set about creating "a matchmaking platform for brands" in the form of a Tinder-style app to foster joint marketing activities.

It was initially intended for publicists and PR people, but Ruhfus quickly noticed that early adopters were mostly small businesses and startups that lacked the resources to run big campaigns on their own.

So she relaunched Collabosaurus with them in mind and quadrupled the user base within a week.

Collabosaurus now has more than 3000 users, primarily in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and the UK.

It matches businesses using an algorithm that takes into account factors such as the age, gender, location and interests of the target market. There's a mechanism to ensure that there isn't too much overlap between potential collaborators' existing customer bases.

The types of collaboration that participants engage in include cross-promotions (via social media, email lists and events, for example), products (co-branded or co-produced), events (such as an alcohol sponsor for a product launch event), and referrals.

One partnership Ruhfus mentioned involved a clothing shop and a dessert bar – the latter reached thousands of potential customers by providing catering for an event at the shop.

Collabosaurus makes extensive use of Dropbox Business for internal and external collaboration. That includes the exchange of assets such as photographs between users, making press kits available to the media, making video shot on smartphones available to the right people, and sending documents to service providers such as printers and lawyers.

"Dropbox Business has proven to be a much cleaner way of working for our team," said Ruhfus. "We now have a secure collaborative space to easily access creative assets. We are no longer wasting time with inefficient workflows and we are much more effective at what we do and how we do it."

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