5 Common digital consumer experience (CX) mistakes that businesses should avoid

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5 Common digital consumer experience (CX) mistakes that businesses should avoid
Here are five common consumer experience mistakes you could be making.
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Consumers are overshadowing the power of businesses more than at any other time.

Brands have their reputation at stake as people prioritise consumer experience as the vital element for the success of businesses.

However, only 49% of customers say that companies actually provide them with a good consumer experience. Each poor transaction increases the risk of a poor online review. As a result, businesses are transitioning their focus from operational efficiency to consumer loyalty.

But there's a challenge here— and it is the "delivery gap". It is the difference between how a brand interacts with its consumers from the first touchpoint and how consumers perceive such experiences.

To help with that, here are five common consumer experience mistakes you could be making.

5 Common Digital CX Mistakes That Firms Ignore

To ensure that you provide your customers with the most pleasant digital experience possible, here are a few areas where improvements could be made.

Never sideline your focus from consumers.

75% of customers say that they are more likely to make a purchase from a company that meets and exceeds their expectations. Thus, you need to ensure that the digital services you provide are of high-quality.

So no, do not go digital just for the sake of it—not the right approach. If you only aim to save on costs and don't consider the experience of your consumers, they have the power to tarnish your reputation with bad reviews. This is a sure-fire way to lose that consumer and many more prospective ones.

Not corporate, but consumer-centric apps should take the lead.

As businesses are transitioning online, they are creating more and more brand experience applications for their consumers to enjoy from their mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. However, many overlook the finer details that make the app useful and easy to use.

It is therefore essential to design and develop your application with the consumers in mind. You need to ensure that it is user-friendly, caters quickly to the consumer's needs and that it doesn't use voice processes or bots that are clunky and unhelpful.

Timely address consumer responses.

Similar to in-person consumer service, you have to be timely in the way you manage your consumers' experience. Slow responses, both digitally and otherwise, annoy people.

Find ways to ensure a quicker response rate. You could employ the use of chatbot assistants and monitor metrics such as query resolution rates and average time spent dealing with customers, so you know what needs to be improved.

Go omnichannel, be everywhere

Do not restrict your consumers to just one channel. You need to be everywhere so you can meet them on their preferred channel. For example, if your website is the major consumer touchpoint for your businesses, you should also be available in-store, on the phone and desktop.

Another key achievement will be to give your brand a social media presence. In fact, anything that makes consumers' efforts seamless and more personalized should be on your list.

Grab the opportunities to grow

Moving to digital and improving the experience for consumers who reach you digitally is a chance to reinvent your business—to change the way people see your company, and a way to grow.

Deciding against it is a missed opportunity. For example, it is a frustrating experience when your consumers have to click and navigate through many links just to locate your contact details. 

What Does A Better Digital CX Look Like

A better digital consumer experience is one that makes the digital experience easy and user-friendly. It should reduce costs from other departments by using technology to supplement the services you provide. And you end up saving costs on labor and more.

Besides, better digital consumer experience should cut through silos and sections of the company that was against digital transformation at first and bring everyone on board.

Finally, it should employ integration and an omnichannel approach to present a consistent consumer experience. Whether they are online, on the phone, or the show floor, it should be able to ensure a positive experience with your brand or business.

Consumer Experience: What Can You Do Differently?

Once your business has ensured that no mistakes are being made in terms of digital consumer experience, it's time that you look forward. Keep your eye on developments to see what more you can implement.

Here are some trends to watch:

  • The mobile-first strategy. This approach focuses on web design by first considering the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets and the constraints they pose (small screens) before creating a desktop site.
  • Omnichannel consumer experience. This is the expectation that consumers can shop through various channels including from a mobile, a desktop, by phone, or in a physical shop and experience the same quality service.
  • Moving past consumer data centralization. This involves taking data collected from users' usage of multiple platforms and using AI and machine learning to craft personalized consumer experiences.
  • Consumer service. Consumer-facing bots and virtual assistants are becoming more prevalent. Live-chat support is likely to move from being handled by agents to running on these bots. This is because bots are less likely to make errors and more likely to ensure a quick response rate.
  • Data transparency. Consumers expect companies to be honest about data collection and use. Asking for permissions and providing updates and explanations on the use of information is becoming imperative.

In the end, the goal is to control a greater portion of the market than your contenders. Good customer experience will help you towards that goal.

Rakesh Soni is CEO of LoginRadius, a leading provider of cloud-based digital identity solutions.

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