36 top productivity-enhancing mobile apps

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36 top productivity-enhancing mobile apps
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Personal productivity apps

Evernote (free)

Evernote is the quintessential cloud-based note-taking app. Use it to create short (or long) notes and to-do lists on the move, and it will sync across all devices via the cloud.

The app displays all your notes clearly on startup, including images, and it even comes with a companion Apple Watch app that you can use for dictation.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Pocket (free)

Found an article you like but want to read it later, when you may not have an internet connection? Pocket is the solution to your problem.

Allowing you to save articles and videos to read and watch later across any Pocket-enabled device, you’ll never be short of something to read or share again. It’s the perfect distraction for Tube journeys, flights and those long train trips in signal black holes.

Available for Android and iOS.

Buffer (free)

Buffer lets you line up social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It’s a pretty essential tool if you’re running a publication or business, but can also be useful if you want to schedule regular updates or announcements from your personal accounts.

The app lets you pin posts to a custom schedule, and then offers a host of different analytics tools to judge how many people clicked, liked or shared your words or pictures.

Available for iOS and Android.

Paper by FiftyThree (free)

A useful tool to have in your belt, Paper is great note-taking app with a bunch of handy features included.

The intuitive design of the app makes everything from creating checklists to annotating photos simple, and whatever you come up with on the app can be easily exported in PDF or Presentation formats. Working with your fingers is fine, but we found it easier to use the app with a stylus.

Available for iOS.

MindNode ($14.99)

An intuitive piece of software that helps to order mental clutter, MindNode is a brainstorming app that lets you draw a map of interconnected thoughts. Using a variety of colours and line widths, you can create a network of nodes, or use the app to place your ideas into different categories.

The app makes it easy to share mind maps, with the ability to export them in a variety of file types. Throw in Apple Watch integration and an exceptionally clear interface, and you have one of the most complete brainstorming apps out there.

Available for iOS.

Ulysses ($38.99)

Ulysses is a powerful writing app that made the transition from Mac to iPad. Described by its makers as "desktop-class writing for iPad", the app is aimed at anyone who writes regularly, such as novelists, journalists, students and bloggers.

The app has a very minimalist design, which is one of the things that has made it popular. There's a three-paned sidebar that allows users to see all of their files at a glance. It also lets users organise files using groups and filters. At $38.99, it may be a bit pricey, but it's worth it.

Available for iOS.

Drawboard PDF ($12.29)

A great app for when you need to mark up PDFs, Drawboard PDF has a slick interface and a variety of useful tools.

Perfect if you work in engineering or design, the app works well with a stylus and lets you add handwritten annotations to PDF documents. It also saves on having to carry around heaps of paper.

Available for Windows 10.

Uber (free)

The ubiquitous taxi app is now available on all major mobile platforms and even Windows 10 PCs thanks to Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform.

That means you can now request drivers to pick you up from the location pinpointed on your Windows desktop, and if you’re feeling particularly hands-free you can use Cortana to do the work for you. Another nice touch is being able to see a countdown to your ride’s estimated arrival time if you pin the app to your Start menu. 

Available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

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