11 top tips for using OneDrive on your PC or phone

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11 top tips for using OneDrive on your PC or phone
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How to get started with Microsoft’s free cloud storage tool, share files, access previous file versions and more.

If you have a Microsoft account – Outlook or Hotmail, for example, or even if you’ve signed in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account – you already have OneDrive. That includes 5GB of free cloud storage, which you can upgrade if you want.

Put simply, the cloud storage service makes it much easier to open any of your files on any device, and at any time. You can finish writing a document on your PC one minute, and open it on your phone the next for editing. What’s more, it makes it possible for you to continuously share files with friends and to collaborate with them.

There are other perks to using the service too, including being able to backup precious local files (in case should your hard drive fail) and even being able to revert to previous versions of your files.

The easiest way to start using OneDrive is simply to visit onedrive.live.com, where you can upload files by dragging and dropping them to your browser.

However, to get the most from it, it’s best to properly install OneDrive on your PC, smartphone or tablet, so you can always find your files quickly and easily. Read on to learn how to do this, along with how to share files, restore deleted files, access previous file versions, back up your photos automatically, and much more.

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