16 top tips for optimising Windows 10

16 top tips for optimising Windows 10

Speed up Microsoft's operating system with these startup tweaks, shortcuts, productivity tips and diagnostics hints.

Windows 10 is built for speed – at least in theory. In practice, chances are you’ve upgraded an older, slower PC, or you haven’t got round to discovering Windows 10’s brand new navigational shortcuts.

As in any version of Windows, you can improve its speed by uninstalling programs you don’t use, disabling startup items you don’t need and clearing out junk you never wanted in the first place. But Windows 10 also offers new settings and approaches to speed up familiar tasks. These will give you quicker access to your favourite files and programs, while drastically improving startup times, system performance and more besides.

Windows 10 doesn’t always make these settings easy to find, meaning some serious digging is required to unlock the full potential of the operating system. But don’t worry – we’ve done the spadework for you. 

So, whether you want to print photos quickly, access the most important settings in a flash, open programs faster, or speed up Windows 10 on an older PC, it’s all explained here – along with before-and-after examples to show you what a difference each tip can make to Windows 10.

Read on for 16 ways to speed up Microsoft’s operating system with:

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