LastPass Teams makes password management easier for businesses

LastPass Teams makes password management easier for businesses

Password managers make it easy to use strong passwords. LastPass Teams brings that security to small businesses.

LastPass recently made its basic password management service free across all of a user's devices. Previously, its mobile apps were pay-to-play.

Now the company has now launched LastPass Teams for small businesses with up to 50 users.

Priced at $US29 per user per year, LastPass Teams provides a centralised way to deliver individual or shared passwords to your workers, who then benefit from the convenience of automated logins.

The service includes an admin dashboard for adding or removing users, controlling access to particular sites, setting security policies, and viewing activity reports.

A particular benefit is that you don't need to nag employees to change their passwords - you can change them when necessary, and LastPass Teams will automatically distribute them.

Like LastPass, LastPass Teams is available for all popular browsers and platforms, including browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera on Windows, Mac and Linux.

For larger organisations and those with more sophisticated IT environments, LastPass Enterprise ($US48 per user per year) adds features including Active Directory integration, cloud app provisioning (such as for Dropbox for Business), custom security policies and advanced reporting.

A 14-day free trial is available for LastPass Teams and Enterprise.

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